Not found: /flushReceiver (Interfacing bolt with arduino)

When I try http://ip-address-of-bolt/flushReceiver (in my case ip was, it shows: Not found: /flushReceiver

Check your version of bolt and reply me back. http://ip-address-of-bolt/version

{“Bolt Version”:“1”,“Firmware Version”:“1.1(168)”}

Its first version of bolt in which UART and Cloud will not work.If you want to replace your old bolt unit with new version of bolt you can send bolt unit and SD card to inventrom office so that after updation of firmware we will send you latest bolt unit.

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I am on {“Bolt Hardware Version”:“2”,“Firmware Version”:“1.0.0”} and i get “Nothing found” when serialWrite, serialRead and any other command. I was able to get version though


Plesae update Bolt Firmware and try again:
You need to ensure that the Wi-Fi network the Bolt is connected to has Internet access enabled and type the following command in your web browser to update the bolt firmware version.:
For example

Do check if the version has been updated using the command
For example

i tried and now get ,
{“error”:“Failed to retrieve Update”}

I am surprised how “version” is working and other are not

I’m also having the same issue but i got reply
{“reply”:“No new update for your device”}
what’s the problem???
please help