Not received any mail of username and password from Digital Ocean

I have not received any mail from digital ocean containing password and username and IP address…

So, I reset my password then I just received new password.

here I don’t know IP address and username still.

please help.

Hi Devendra,

You can find the IP address of digital ocean droplet from the Digital ocean dashboard and the default username is root

For example: In my case, below is the ip address.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

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Hi, I have not received a mail stating my username and password. I am using putty for my windows system and do not know what to provide for my username.
On setting up a droplet i had used my own root password to access Droplet instead of the SSH. Is this correct and is this the password that i should be entering in putty?? Please advise.

Hi @athirap2007 ,

You are getting this error because while creating the Digital Ocean droplet, you have selected the SSH-based login instead of password-based login.

A simple solution is to destroy your current droplet and create a new droplet with password-based login.

The default username is the root and the entered password will be the password of your server. Note that you will not receive the password over email.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Thank you alot!. I did not know that the username was root. Thanks!

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I’m not able to type in my password on putty, whenever i try to type a prompt comes saying 'remote side unexpectedly closed network connection