Not receiving sms

I am making my final project. I am making a Trash Talker using bolt iot.
It shows the garbage level when garbage level crosses threshold , it sends an sms.
It is showing the garbage level but not sending sms, is there any problem in code?
please help me because i have very less time to summit my project.


The error is mentioned in the image.

The SID token we have used is in string format. So, it is reading the empty space as a string as well. Make sure not to use any spaces when defining a variable as a string.

Correction -
SID = "XXXXX..."

Let me know if you have any other queries.

Thank you
sms is coming ,but my SR04 SENSOR (ultrasonic sensor ) not showing the change in value of level.
Is there any other problem in code. Can you suggest me where is the problem ,in circuit connection or in sensor


Ultrasonic sensor will not work directly with the Bolt Module. It has trigger and echo pins, where the trigger pin is used to give a 10-microsecond pulse, while the echo pin has to receive the input after that time duration.

For such accuracy and complete control over the pins, you need to use an Arduino along with it. You can refer to the project on Hackster that was previously made with similar concept.


You can use an IR Sensor as an alternative and use it directly with the A0 pin of Bolt IoT.

My wifi module is not working. Please
Help me, I cannot continue with my course…
Will i get a replaced product ??


Please mention the status of the LED lights of your module.

Processing: VID-20220416-WA0010.mp4…

Can u see the video, where the wifi module is not working properly.


The video was not uploaded on the forum. Upload it on your drive and share the public link here.

Hi @Amrita_dey ,
Please let me know if any lights on your Bolt Module turning on or flashing?