Not showing device name on

how to connect device to cloud please help.i am stuckin in this topic

Hi @abhaysingh1711,

Please send your registered email id and device ID to .

how to check device id


Download Netplug app
And connect your phone and bolt to the same network and open app and you can find the device id over there.

You have discussed this in other thread.
Under devices

Device Name
Push Data

I can see the name - BOLT[6digitnumber]

Share your BOLT[6digitnumber] on . That six digit number is your bolt id.

in netplug app it is showing bolt******

can u please contact me…this communication mode is very time consuming


once you find the device ip address,

use the following url to register it to your cloud account ip_address/register?

sir what to do with device id

Hi @abhaysingh1711 ,

Has your query been resolved?

You device ID will help us check if the Bolt hardware chip is connected to the cloud in Backend. Though you won’t have to specifically do anything with it while trying to connect it to cloud. @pranav.kundaikar.inv @rahul.singh : correct me if I am wrong.

it is not been showing in play store