Not showing the device in dashboard

Hello, I have successfully connected the Bolt WiFi module to my mobile phone, and the module has generated an ID and password. However, I am encountering an issue where the device is not appearing on my dashboard. Both the blue and green lights on the module are steadily illuminated

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Hi @pp6061671,

This issue is because you might have not done the complete wifi setup using your phone.
During the Wifi Setup in the Last Step you will have to click in Verify Wifi Setup button where your device gets linked to your mail ID.

Can you please share your Device ID and Email ID to which your device is to be linked so that we can do it from our end.

Device ID : Bolt962134
Email ID :

Hi @pp6061671 ,

Have you created an account in the Bolt Cloud with this Mail ID

Yes sir… I’ve created account


Please cross check the mail ID and the Bolt Device ID once and get your device ONLINE i,e Let both the LED’s glow and let me know so that I can link the device to the mail ID.

Because I see that there is no account created with the ID in the Bolt Cloud.

Here is my account on Bolt; however, the Bolt device ID is currently displaying as disconnected.

Hi @pp6061671,

We have linked the device to the mail ID.
Now you should be able to view the device in the dashboard.

Thank you so much, sir. Now it’s visible.