Online Diary needed and Internship Certificate needs for 8 week

Hello Team,

I purchased a Python Programming course for an Internship and got the certificate from you.

But my college is asking for the internship certificate for more than 6 weeks and the provided certificate is for 6 weeks. It could be 8 weeks then it is also fine.

Hence, Please help me to provide the online diary which shows the daily activities I have done along with the in-charge signature for the final project and internship submission.

I have provided the below format of the Sample online dairy which needs to be filled.

I hope you understand.

Krishna Jaiswar

Hi , we received your mail.
In case of certificate, you can submit both certificate assured intership ( 6 weeks ) and training certificate ( 2 weeks ) . Both the certificate are from same organisation so there will be no issue .

They do not want Training alone they want the collaborative certificate in one place .
also over email I have provide the sample Online diary where they want like where the topicess been covered during internship and want the sign for each day

please help to get that as well

Hi @krishnajaiswar424 , complete the diary with suitable topic as you covered on each day then we will sign on it .
For collaborative certificate you can request for offer letter.

Hello Team,

My submission date is already nearby and I need a few suggestions on topics for the Internship which get taught in an actual internship as discussed I cannot only put directly the learning module everywhere and it is also basic and would not justify the content developer.

Also collaborative certificate for 8 weeks

Please understand it is urgent.

Krishna Jaiswar

@krishnajaiswar424 I send you a mail , do check it.