Online Training on Python Programming Certificate

I gave my certificate exam on 8th Feb 2023; today is 11th Feb 2023, and I still haven’t received my certificate.
How long does it usually take?

I Apologize for the issue, can you share your Gmail id.
Are you asking about test certificate.Right?

email -
Yes, I am talking about the test certificate.

helllo @chaudhrysudha1999 . may be you did not submittted the test properly. try to give the test again if possible.

I took a screenshot, which stated my score and about the mail which, I was supposed to receive but never received.

You can email them the issue with an attached image of the completion for their ready reference

I have given the test again. Now, waiting for the certificate.

Can you share the email ID?
I gave the test again but still haven’t received the certificate.
try this

There is no order with this id-
actually there is a purchase through - and you enroll in test for different id. Do check the id and let us know so will merge both the id

Yes, that was my older ID and I changed it, and I changed the email on Bolt Portal as well, I thought it might be updated. and can be merged?
I have a few other courses for which I have to give the certificate test.

Am i right your order id is ?So we will merge both the id.

Yes, that’s right. Please do that.

Is your query resolved?

I still haven’t received the certificate.

I received my certificate today, can the university name be removed from it? I am no longer a student there, I graduated in 2022. And currently, I am not studying anywhere.

Hi @chaudhrysudha1999 The college name is a mandatory field in the certificate and cannot be removed.

The certificate mentions “a student of NIIT University” can that be changed to “a graduate of NIIT University”, please?

you can get the certificate within the 24 hours after the test is submitted

  1. It may take 48 hours to receive the certificate.
  2. If you still haven’t received the certificate the check the gmail id you have entered is it correct or not.
  3. You will receive the certificate only if you score 40 marks or above in the test.