Open ai key generated is said to be wrong

hello i have added the key given by bolt ai and added to secret but once after i run the programm i am finding error which says that my key is wrong please help

Hi @panktishah15102001

Can you please share a screenshot of the error you are getting? This will enable us to provide a better solution.

please find the attached screenshot i have attached
none of the api key are working i cannot process my further training without the key

if not possible to resolve my solution i would like refund


As we had discussed on the call, your issue was resolved. I am also sharing the points below for your reference and for other students

Please do the following steps to resolve the issue

In your REPL, click on the “shell” tab and run the following command to install the library

pip install boltiotai

Next in your code, change the following the first line import openai to

from boltiotai import openai

Then the RUN the code again.

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In a recent update , boltiot as their own library , so use below line replacing the first line
from boltiotai import openai

And do not forget to install
pip install --upgrade boltiotai, in shell tab