Payment Pending

I have received the scholarship of the iot and ml training along with the purchase of my Bolt wifi module , but the training course says " Payment pending " .
my order number is #India27974.
PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP , i wish to participate in the Innovation Competition .

if you have purchased it by COD wait for 2 days.

I have same problem i am waiting from last 4 days but can’t get access
Please help me

Its been four days now when will i get access to the course
please help

i got my kit and waiting from last 4 days when i get access
please help me…

Don’t get worry. Normally it will take three to four days. But now we all aware about corona right. I think due to this it will take time. So u should be patience. Otherwise u can drop out an email to

Hi @krishnagopal9064, @mkmehra195 @adityabais24398,

Apology for the inconvenience, Can you send the image of your kit to and I will manually mark your order as paid then you can follow the instructions for training access.

I sent you the picture of my bolt iot kit to

Hi @adityabais24398, if you have already paid the amount and waiting for the bolt iot kit then let me tell you that you have to wait couple of days also for the kit.