Success-fully I completed my certificate examination finally I received my E-certificate. But I want an physical certificate.
Even I did not know where to pay amount for this certificate and when it will arrived for me.


I have taken forward your request. We also recieved your mail, we’ll look into it and respond you regarding this as soon as possible.

mr.@akshayan.sinha Thank you for your response… :blush: :blush:

mr.@akshayan.sinha sir even though I didn’t receive any mails about physical certificate.


Since you didn’t opt for it post-examination. The process might take a while. But I’ll confirm with the team, the availability of a hard copy of the certificate.

Because of the ongoing covid protocols, the process may take longer than usual. But for any queries, you can ask on this forum or mail to


I’m sorry to say this, we no longer provide hard copies for training certificate of IoT and ML course.