plotChart isn't displaying graph but only table

I have written the code correctly i think but it still is not showing the graph on the basis of table.
All i can see on my view this device page is table with time_stamp and light intensity. No graph is being plotted.
Can anyone please help?

Hello @shivam060pansy

By using plotchart function u can only get table by default but not any of the chart on the basis of table.
Need not to worry with that.

Hi @shivam060pansy,

Please refer to this documentation to plot the various types of graphs.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

click on the deployed button multiple times of cource gap of atleast 10 second between each click &
Then check graph

plotChart() function would not generate any graph,
to get a graph use:


you can also generate different graphs ,
lineGraph ,scatterGraph.