Plz suggest me Regarding Project

I am a student of B.TECH 3 rd year plz suggest me some projects to make on IoT. I am little confused

Plz suggest me projects on health,agricultural and smart city.

may i go to make a project on Smart city? Is there any tutorial ?

Check this out:

You can make soil water level project @nitishsrivastav75. This is a simple project but very useful for the farmers for knowing the water and nutritious level of the soil, even you can also check the ph level of the soil. For monitoring the result use @bolt_iot_app and measure the reading. This project helps farmers to take care of their soils and crops.

Use the above link to see the video and try to use more sensors.
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iam btech 4th year student and iam doing Predicting land surface temperature using satellite images .

@nitishsrivastav75 have you selected your topic for project?