Ppt query while internship submission

while submitting the internship project, what kind of solutions are expected in the presentation?

Hi @ryandcunha2812

You need not submit a ppt for the project. You may submit only code files, video explaination and screenshots if any. Please go through the following link where all the tasks are listed for web development training: https://beacon.by/bolt-iot/webdevelopmentproblemstatements

If you still have any doubts, please feel free to get back to us.

Hi @sneharsh.kerkar

The tasks mentioned in https://beacon.by/bolt-iot/artificialintelligenceproblemstatements asks to make a ppt of the solution.

Can you clarify whether ppt is required or not?

Hi @choudharysunnyshiv78

I have clarified with the team and as mentioned in the document you need to submit :

  1. Code files of the project
  2. Video where you explain the working project and the logic behind your code
  3. A presentation (PPT) on your solution.

If you still have any doubts please feel free to reach out.

The presentation can follow the format like the

  1. Problem statement listed at first
  2. a suggested solution on how your project is gonna work
    3)If that solution has helped the problem get resolved

@ryandcunha2812 @choudharysunnyshiv78 Are your queries solved. If you still have any doubts let us know.