Previously I connected with my college id. Which is blocked now, please unlink that account so I can connect with my new account to access the device

I had purchased the deice and also connected the device with my college account now I am unable to connect the Device and assess the training program because the college id is expired now.
Please unlink the device and transfer the account from to
Device id - Bolt1349971

Please reply, its urgent for me, fixed my problem.

Thank you.

Hi @triptisingh Please create an account on the Bolt Cloud with the email id: I was not able to find it. Let me know once done so that the device ownership can be transfered.

@ashwin.salgaocar Done sir, created an account on the Bolt Cloud with the same email id

Hi, @triptisingh the bolt device is now linked to You should be able to see it in the dashboard. However, you will still have to create the products. Those cannot be shifted.

Hii @ashwin.salgaocar I am not able to access my training on my new gmail id


@triptisingh Noted. The changes have been made. Can you verify this by sharing the screenshot now?

Also, please make an account on using the email id: so I can manually enroll you.


Great @triptisingh I have manually enrolled you in the IoT and ML training. You should be able to access it now.

Now I’m able to access the course.
Thank You Very Much.