Problem facing in DigitalOcean droplet

Hello, Now I am creating my DigitalOcean cloud account in which I try to create a droplet but when I go to select an image it does not show me ubuntu 16.04.3 x 64 which is mention in the BoltIot training. I also attach an image of available options please help me to choose which one is suitable for training.

You need not select the same version as shown in the tutorial. You may choose the latest version of Ubuntu OS which is I think 18 and is a stable release and since all the latest OS run on 64 bit do not choose any 32bit os.

it shows 19.10 x 64 and 18.04.3(LTS) x 64 which one is better?
and what is mean by LTS?

You may proceed with 18.04.3(LTS) as it is a stable release.
LTS stands for Long Term Support.

Hi @waqar9637877247,

You can proceed with 16.04.6 x 64 and it is mostly similar to 16.04.3 x 64.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.