Problem in connecting the bolt device to bolt app

I am not able to connect my bolt device to my mobile bolt app. But I can find in my bolt device that two lights blue and green are glowing continuously. please help me in this regard.

@Isaipraneethreddy99 login to your cloud account on your laptop/PC. You should now have the new device added to your dashboard .Ensure that the Wi-Fi operates at 2.4 GHz and Not 5 GHz. Ensure there are no ASCII characters beyond the allowed range of 0-127 in your SSID or PASSWORD.For further details see this link:
And further any doubts ask freely.

What should I do now? if this problem occurs
can you help me with this?

@lsaipraneethreddy99 please ask about this problem to can get the sollution about this problem.thank youđź‘Ť use this link

@lsaipraneethreddy99 You can message the Device ID to

I think bolt iot module is connected to other phone or login same ssid & password please check.

bolt wifi module is connected to another phone try using the email id and password of ur friend aniket.patil

@lsaipraneethreddy99 logout from your account…Login using your friends login credentials…