Problem in getting started

Hello this is raiyan firaz… Actually I had got selected for scholarship nd free training of boltiot and ml. I only had to pay for the kit. I got the hardware kit on Saturday that is November 2 2019 but till now I have not got access to my training nor I have got any information that how to access the training session… Can you please help me out

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Check your inbox where you would have received the mail from Yeshwant Naik ( this email id with the SUBJECT as (Access to Online Training on Internet of Things and Machine Learning) .
Use the above listed key words on your email search bar and it will help you find the right mail.
Follow the steps in the mail and you will soon be able to access your course.

Let me know if it was helpful ??

Hey there I am Aman Phalake, I also had got selected for the scholarship. My quary is about the getting access to my free online training of IoT and ML. I mean I am having exams this month, so is it OK to start my online course after a month

Yes you have lifetime access to this course but i suggest you to enroll now and continue watching videos later according to your convenience because their is this challenge too related to the course where you have to submit your projects and those will be evaluated and prizes would be distributed so you should be aware about it too which they will be mentioning in the first 2 or 3 videos of the course.
If you have less interest about the challenge then you can continue this course anytime.
Thus i suggest you to enroll now and watch first 2 or 3 videos of this course and then decide.

hello @amanphalake10
this bolt Iot and ML scholarship is about learning new concepts and using your creativity and new ideas to create projects using the bolt kit.the course is not specific to being completed in a limited is nowhere mentioned that the course should be completed within a month and so on.i recommend u to take your time in learning each and every concept throughly and then use this to make your own projects using your bolt kit.
hope this was helpful!!
happy learning.

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