Problem in light intensity sensor

I am unable to retrieve data in the cloud in my first iot project of light intensity sensor it shows this message “Please check your product code at line 1, character 1
Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression flags”

@gulshanmishra02 Can you please share a screenshot of the error and the code that you have written?

@gulshanmishra02 Go to the Bolt cloud page, check your code written after selecting your product!!

setChartTitle('Gauge Chart');
setDimensions(400, 400);

setGreen(250, 500);
setYellow(501, 725);
setRed(726, 1023);

This code might be helpful!!

change plotChart('light_intensity'); to plotChart('light');(or whatever value you have given in A0 pin in hardware section)