Problem in python library setup

and comes error when i run the program for checking the online status of my bolt module

Follow these steps:

  1. sudo apt-get -y update
  2. sudo apt install python3-pip
  3. sudo pip3 install boltiot
    now for open the text editor on Linux system and write the code for checking the status
  4. sudo nano

This is how the code for checking the status will look like===

from boltiot import Bolt
device_id = “BOLTXXXXXX”
mybolt = Bolt(api_key, device_id)
response = mybolt.isOnline()
print (response)

  1. sudo python3

Make sure that the program you are running is present in the same directory, if not then the program may not work!
To check your current location of directory you can paste the below command on the Linux system :


hope this helps!

Hi @divish.karthikeyan

In python, you can not name a file same as the inbuilt function/packages name. For example. email is an inbuilt package of python and I think you have created a file with name also in your current directory.

To show the list of file in your current directory. Type listing command as below.


Then remove the file from your directory.

sudo rm

Now run your program again and also send the screenshot of ls command.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.