Problem related certificate test

good evening,
before giving the certificate test, the instruction were given there that during the test we cannot minimize or open another window . so how we are going to paste the link of the question answered on forum bolt iot and the link of the project we have made.please answer this and also add the answer in the instruction so that other students can also know what to do.

@rams9562 Before the exam, you can paste the links in a notepad and paste it in the exam question when asked for it.
This should not be a problem. However, if you do this multiple times, it will be recorded and alerted to us.

I have not attempted the test but you should try this.
Before attempting certification test, first you copy both the links of your project and question answered on forum bolt iot. Then while attempting the test, paste the link from clipboard.

In the course they mention that we can use notepad or similar type of software to
copy paste the links. And it will not effect while taking the exam.