Problem while updating Bolt IoT Module

dear sir,

I am shubham Sharma. As per instruction, I was updating my Bolt Cloud but its been 15 minutes it hasn’t updated yet and in video lecture its been shown it got updated within seconds.I don’t have any issue with my internet. Still facing such issue please help.

your sincerely
Shubham Sharma

Hey Shubham Your Bolt IOT Module Is Updated Just Close That Popup Of That Message. And Click On Device Information Again And You Will Come To See That Your Bolt Iot Module Is Already Updated To Firmware Version 1.4.2. Just Check It Again.

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I would suggest you to recheck your connections and set up the whole module again. You can do the led test to see whether you module is working properly or not. Now, you should open the pop up for updating your module by clicking updade , close the popup. A confirmation message will come . Then you can reopen your popup window to check its updates. If you still face problems regarding the same , you can contact to the help centre or can ask for a replace for your product.
Thank you.

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Hi @achrekar.ameya102

Thank you, for your suggestion. It helped me a lot.

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Hi @Koyel_Chaudhuri

Thanks for the effort you putted to solve my issue.

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