Problem with buzzer setup

I’ve connected the bolt board and buzzer correctly and wrote the required code,yet i’m not getting any output.

and this is my code

what should i do now.

I feel there is problem with your Hardware connection
Make sure you have connected as follows:
Step1: Insert the negative leg into Ground pin of Bolt (For this you can use the male to female connecting wire/ jumper wire)
Step2: Insert the other leg which is positive (long one) in digital 0 pin of Bolt. I would recommend to use the male to female wire.
And for code you can use same as that used in controlling LED.

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Hi @yasaswiavula,

As per the image you have connected the +ve end of the buzzer to Gnd and the -ve end to digital pin 0. (I realised this from the + sign with a circle around it which can be seen on the top side of the buzzer).
Just reverse the connections and it should work properly.

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thank you so much jaiswalshivani for your detailed reply,can’t understand how i missed that small thing,now it’s working :slight_smile:

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thank you vinayak.joshi for spotting the exact error.Really,i just didn’t understand how i missed it,till now i thought there is an error in my hardware and not in my connections.thanks pal it is working:)

how can i increase the intensity of the buzzer sound