Problem with telegram to add new admin

sorry you are not allowed to do this

He keeps telling me that. Does anyone know a solution to this problem.

Hi @gogov.daniel

We replicated the steps provided in the training and we didn’t get any issues. We also tried to do the same thing on other devices and we were able to add new admins to channel and it was working fine.

These steps might solve your issue.

  • Creating a new Telegram account with a a different mobile number and email id. OR
  • Deleting the current Telegram account and recreating it.

Hello @gogov.daniel
You can follow any of the following two methods:

Method 1:

• Open the Member list

• Tap and hold on that member that you want to promote to an admin, two options will pop up on screen.

• Tap on Promote to admin

Method 2:

• Open Group info and tap on three vertical dots in top right corner and tap Edit

• Tap on Administrators

• Tap on Add Administrator and select the member that you want to add as an admin.
Hope it solves