Problem with the temperature sensor

good evening sir
i have an issue with the temperature sensor.the temperature over here is 39degree c.I have crosschecked my hardware connections,they are perfectly fine. according to the formula specified in the 2nd module of the lecture
temp=(100*sensor value)/1024
using this i should get sensor value around 399,but i am getting the value as 1. sir is there a problem with the sensor?..or are there any other issues?
please help

Hi @msgayathree97,

If you are getting a sensor value which is lower than 10, when it is supposed to be higher, it is best to check the ground pin connection of the sensor.

It will most probably loose.

If this is not the case drop an email to, they will help you out with the same.

sir,i’m getting a sensor value of about 32.2. Is that a correct value?