Project 10 name error

i have an error regarding project 10 … name error; data is not defind

Hii @rakeshpotharla0664

You’ve coded : date= json.loads(response)
whereas in the line where you’re getting error you’ve coded as: str(data[‘value’])
Hence the error. Correct it and then you’ll be good to go.

ya it clear but another error…

Hey @rakeshpotharla0664, …

The E-mail address you are using as a recipient, have you added that e-mail address in mailgun as AUTHORISED RECIPIENTS?

Check it once! If not then first add that e-mail address.

ya @prajapatidhruv1110 … done that but again same error…?

There is a typo in the word “massage”. Please change it to “message” and your code should work.