Project 5 : advanced graphs and changing the sound of buzzer

@PPV Sir, In Project 5 or Assignment 2, did Task1, Task3, Task6 and Task7 but got Stuck on graphs task like Task2, Task4, Task5. Don’t know about circuit connections and complete coding part?
Because for Graphs Data Visualization, have to use LDR sensor and at the same moment have to use Buzzer(shown in task6 & task7).
So how the Circuit Connection will be?
I need to know one other thing too in case of LED or Buzzer why I can’t use A0 pin?
In circuit, How that Digital GPIO pin(0,1,2,3,4) reads in case of analog value as input using analogWrite()?
Please share circuit connection in form of image!
Please share complete code of this project too!
Please reply as soon as possible.
Coding Staus:

my graph is not generated

@akashdesai642 can you please share your code?

@ramanenvenki your query is too complex to explain in text, I can have a remote session with you tomorrow between 1-2 PM or in the evening between 6-9 PM. Let me know what time works for you and send me an email at so we can schedule a meeting.

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