Project 9: Sending an SMS when temperature Crosses Threshold using LM35

Hi Sir, I am working on the project 9 of sending an SMS when temperature crosses threshold .
Actually i m using virtual machine and it’s showing this message
‘You have been Rate limited try after 5 hours 45 minutes 36 seconds.’ I am also posting the screen shot .!
Please help me in solving this issue.

Hi @apsingh0403, this is an issue that happens when you try to access the sensor data too frequently since the cloud allocates you a certain bandwidth only. The system will automatically ‘Rate Limit’ you for 6 hours in case this happens. The solution is to wait for 6 hours and make sure that you have used the time.sleep() function in your program such that it would wait for at least 10 seconds in between each sensor reading in order to avoid the rate limit again. Otherwise you can upgrade to Bolt Cloud Pro, so that such a problem will not happen. Please let me know if this solves your issue.

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