Project 9: session object has no attribute "merge_environment_settings"

Code is running perfectly between threshold limits but when it breaches the threshold hold limit it shows the sensor value
But sms will not come

Hi @adngangstergamers Apologies for the delay in response.

I will have my colleague @lokeshagarwal634 look into this and fix it for you.

Hello , @adngangstergamers
Apologies for the Delay in response,
We are trying to replicate the issue on our side . The issue has been forwarded to the support it will be resolve at the earliest.
Here are some references that might help : requests · PyPI
Also make sure to use correct API Key and Auth Key you have been provided and Do check that the method and objects of the functions are correctly defined with proper indentations…
What we found was that the method is unable to find merge_enviorment_settings attribute because of the updates in the language .
Thanks for being patient.
Lokesh Agarwal