Project completion certificate

Hello sir i have submitted my project before deadline on 31st december. As it was announced that who submitted project before deadline will receive project completion certificate but till now i have not received the certificate. Please help me to get the certificate.

THERE ARE NO DEADLINE FOR THIS BOLT IOT COURSE AND WHEN WE COMPLETE THIS BOLT IOT COURSE(MEANS WHEN WE SEE ALL VIDEO AND READ GIVEN STUDY MATERIAL ). THEN YOU WILL NEED SUMIT A LINK FOR YOUR PROJECT BASED ON BOLT IOT AND YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO ANSWER TWO QUESTIONS ON and sumit the link of these answers. and give a certlfication test . finally The final marks and certificate will be available to you within 7 working days from the point of submission of the exam via email.

Dear sir i have got the course completion certificate but thing is that i have not got project challenge certificate submitted on 30th of december 2019 that certificate i want as i submiited project file pdf and zip file on this date and it was anmounced those who submitted project before deadline will receive certificate.

Wauting for your response.

Hi @ashutoshpandey161998,

I will be sending an email today regarding the Innovation Challenge participate certificate.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

check your mail or a msg box it may happen sometime your mail is not working