Project ideas for intership task

I am doing bolt iot ,artificial intelligence course and i have to build a project for internship task but i am unable to decide a particular topic regarding project . So can you please suggest some topics related to my course

AI Language Translator
AI Code Completer
AI based story-line game
AI Email assistant
AI digital diary
AI Financial adivsor
These are some of the ideas I thought of before doing my project

you can go for something like
Sports Performance Analytics or AI based workout assistant:)

u can make a custom style DallE2 generator or a custom text generator

gesture recognition system
voice controlled home automation
attendence monitering system
smart home automation system
smart energy management

AI mental health therapist chatbot
AI healthcare bot system using python
Credit card fraud detection system

1.recommendation system suggesting products/movies based on our preference
2.sentiment analysis on social media data
3.image classication with CNNs.

you can actually go for projects like: Handwritten digit recognition and chatbot