Project movie finder

Movie finder poster is displaying correctly, but the title, rating, released, genre, only values are displayed, i want it to display like Title: Avatar and so on the rest of the values, but I am getting only the value displayed, and also they are displayed one after the other, i want those line by line, please see the screenshot once.
javascript code:

const API_URL = “”;
const API_URL_SEARCH = “”;

var search_input = document.getElementById(“search-input”);
var card = document.getElementsByClassName(“movie-cards”)[0];

document.getElementsByClassName(“search”)[0].addEventListener(“click”, function(){
const query = search_input.value;
getMovies(API_URL + query);

async function getMovies(url){
const resp = await fetch(url);
const respData = await resp.json();

function showMovies(movies){
card.innerHTML = “”;
if (movies) {
movies.forEach(async function(movie){
const movieData = await fetch(API_URL_SEARCH + movie.imdbID);
const movieDataobj = await movieData.json();

function movie_display(imovie){
const movieElm = document.createElement(“div”);
movieElm.innerHTML = <div class = "card"> <img src="${imovie.Poster}" alt = "Poster" width = "300px" height = "300px"> <br> <div class = "movie-description"> <span class="movie-title><b>Title</b> <span class="value">${imovie.Title}</span></span> <span class="movie-title><b>Rating</b> <span class="value">${imovie.imdbRating}</span></span> <span class="movie-title><b>Director</b> <span class="value">${imovie.Director}</span></span> <span class="movie-title><b>Released</b> <span class="value">${imovie.Released}</span></span> <span class="movie-title><b>Genre</b> <span class="value">${imovie.Genre}</span></span> </div> </div> ;


Hi @anupam.singh2607,

Please refer to this link: GitHub - Himanshu87699/Movie_Finder to find out where you are going wrong.

Try modifying the code as
movieElm.innerHTML=<div class="card"> <img src="${imovie.Poster}" alt="Poster" width="300px" height="300px"/> <br> <div class="movie-description"> <span class="movie-title"><b>Title</b><span>${imovie.Title}</span></span> <span class="movie-title"><b>Rating</b><span>${imovie.imdbRating}</span></span> <span class="movie-title"><b>Director</b><span>${imovie.Director}</span></span> <span class="movie-title"><b>Released Date</b><span>${imovie.Released}</span></span> <span class="movie-title"><b>Genre</b><span>${imovie.Genre}</span></span> </div> </div> ;

Use a br tag when you want to display anything in a new line.