Project Submission error

Im able to generate a link of my project but it s showing page not found if i view in other device

Can you share the screenshot of the same?

its working in this tab if the link is pasted.But if we use the link in other device we get the error as in screenshot 3.


You are able to view the draft as you are editing the project in the same session.

The draft can not be viewed on other sessions unless it is published.

Can u plz let to know the steps to publish it

can u plz let to know the steps to publish it because i counldnt find option to publish it

Hi @yashwinidaphne,

You need to log in to the as the author of the project then only you can see the draft of the project. Login using this link

Also you can not publish it, only admin of the site can publish the project.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.