Proof of completing final project - Important and Urgent

I have taken the IoT and ML Training last year around August-September. I have successfully completed it and got the completion certificate. Now i want to mention the final project done for training in my resume , but our placement and Internship cell(PIC, IIT Roorkee) cell wants proof of project done, including dates( that were 15 July 2021- 15 September 2021), as there is no mention of project in the final certificate provided. So if any such proof can be provided from Bolt IoT , that would be really appreciated.(For eg. an e mail stating that i have done the XYZ project(IoT and ML based Home security system) from this date to that date(15 July 2021- 15 September 2021) would also work).
Devesh Yadav

Hi @Devesh_Yadav ,
I have taken this to the team and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for feedback,

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Hi @Devesh_Yadav We can only review the projects that the students have submitted. Once way to receive a certificate with the project name is to submit the Assured internship, the link of which is present in the Training content itself.

If you say that you have worked on a project during the above duration mentioned, please submit it in the link so that we can review it share a certificate for the same.

Uploaded the project @ashwin.salgaocar
Please try to review it as soon as possible… probably by tomorrow …
(Because I have a deadline to present the proof)

Hi @Devesh_Yadav,
We will check it by tomorrow itself and if it is good to go will ship your certificate.

@raghav.srivastava Any updates!?

@Devesh_Yadav apologies for the delay. You have to explain all the lines of the code, for example, don’t say something like “this part is for calculating the Z score”, explain what each and every line does.
Check out this to get an idea of what’s required.

Make the changes and submit the form again. Also, by when do you have to submit the certificate?

Hey @raghav.srivastava
I don’t think that should be a problem , i made the video sufficiently explaining in itself, keeping in mind the time limit. Also, if that’ the case , people must have reported that thing last year when i made the submission. Try to understand the situation, i have to submit the proof today itself , It is a request to issue the certificate as soon as possible, if you still think that i should make changes to explain a thing in the code in a video that i made last year, well i will do it later for sure, but at present i have no time…You issue the certificate first , i will change the video as per suggestions as i get time…

I have still hope that you will do it as soon as possible…

@Devesh_Yadav I wanted to confirm if you have to submit it today(Wednesday) or tomorrow(Thursday) and by what time. Please let me know regarding the same asap. Here’s my email address in case of any urgent queries: .

I’ll have to check with the team if we can provide you with the certificate based on your current video. In any case, I can only process your certificate tomorrow as it needs to get verified by the team.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

I have to submit it by today itself , but can delay to tomorrow noon at max,
Please try to arrange it, if any corrections needed in video , i will do it as i get time, for sure, I have no problem in that…
Just arrange the certificate by tomorrow…

Any updates …?

@Devesh_Yadav your project is good to go. We have dispatched your certificate. Check your email with the subject: INTERNSHIP COMPLETION CERTIFICATE FOR BOLT IOT AND ML INTERNSHIP