Putty access denied even after entering correct password

Even after entering the correct password (password that was created on digital ocean) it says access denied. kindly help.

i think you are using digital ocean. So 1st you see that you entered the username in putty as ‘root’ and password is the root password which u have sett almost at the end process of digital ocean.
Imp note is that : the password of digital ocean is not the password of putty ,the password for putty set as root password .Please chcek and try it out. Try entering correct ip adress in putty and select ssh
and enter username as root
and password is the password us set in rootpassword column

so, username: root and password ?

while setting up the digital ocean it should have asked u to give a root password that is the password in the putty

ive put the same but it still says access denied
in case of username we just put root right?

enter root as username and enter the root password and check once and let me knwo

still not working . ive attached the ss

login as root u have logged in with email

thanks for your quick help patience! got it ! :slight_smile:

yup no issues thats ok

how to change the password for root and is it necessary ?

u cant change the root password it is fixed better note it down

okay. thank you, ive Noted .


To change your password, follow below steps -

  1. Login to your droplet as root
  2. type the command passwd and press enter
  3. Type in your new password (Use both upper and lower case alphabets with numerics as well)

Hello @chinni.deeptimeela
The default username is root and type your password which you have used while creating your droplet in DigitalOcean. If you want to change your password, just type the keyword “passwd” in your terminal and press enter. And you will see “Enter new UNIX password :”. There you can provide your new password.
I hope this answer will be helpful.

Putty is case sensitive. So you need to see that both the username as well as password are exactly same as you have set in your digital ocean.