Putty password forgot

I forgot my paasword what should i do

@alamhbk420 reinstalling is the only way now. Make sure that you note down the password next time :slight_smile:
Before doing that, follow these steps:
If you are not logged in when you realize you have forgotten your password, log in as the root user. Open a shell prompt and enter the command passwd username , where username is your normal user name. The passwd command requires you to enter the new password twice. Log out of your system. You can now log back in with your normal user name and your new password.

Try that method. I am sure I haven’t responded you before this post

I am glad I helped you :slight_smile:

I tried your way but its not working

What happens after writing the command passwd username. Becuase when you run passwd username then it will ask to enter the new password 2 times. Log off and then login via the new password.

And do make sure that the new password must be a simple one because apart from you no-one is going to use the SSH in your laptop

Hi @alamhbk420,

I am assuming that you are using Digital Ocean server.

To reset the password:

  1. Login to your Digital Ocean account
  2. Click on your server from the list.
  3. Click on Access from the left bar
  4. Click on reset root password.
  5. You will be receiving the new root password on your email.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.