Python in VMware

I am not comfortable using python in VMware can I do my project on some other python software

i think you need only for device operation i.e. checking status, changing parameters or you mean for the data analytics purpose ? fyi, its immaterial of the platform, use the right device id, api key and import right libraries depending on your purpose be it numpy, matplotlib, depending on how you need your data to be visualised…but make sure you have bolt python library there…else you need to interface so as to operate your hardware setup…bt i personally used VMWare and was quite comfortable with it:)

Or else if you can elaborate your query…

@riddhivarshney12 yes you can use pycharm community IDE, visual studio code for python.

Thank you @nazirahammed98 and @pandeysatyam2013 for your replies
I put up this question because its difficult to identify the indents in the code.

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Ok if indentation is the case, Jupiter notebook will do:)

no problem as you wish which ever is good for you use it.

I wanted to know if there is an Iot device with input 220V and output 3.6V.

Bolt Device comes with 220v input which then converts the voltage to 5v input.