Query regarding refund

Hi sir,
I ordered the Bolt IoT kit on March 24th and I did not get any update on the shipping status of the kit. Refund policy states that within 10 days we can cancel the order. Are these 10 days from the day I ordered or from the day I received the kit? I paid the amount through the card on March 24th itself.

Shipping might have been delayed due to the recent corona outbreak. About the refund policy, the refund period of 10 days starts after delivery of your kit. Within this period you are eligible for full refund of your money.

Hope this clears your doubt.

@abishrant.dey But my dashboard is showing this message.

It is showing that the refund period is expired. But I haven’t recieved the kit yet.

Please contact Bolt regarding this. They would be able to solve your problem better.