Query related to a project

we are looking for the code of capacitive sensor for our project, in which we need to seperate plastic materials from other materials using a capacitive sensor. we need to calibrate the sensor to set the range for plastic. We need the code as soon as possible. Here is the circuit simulation of Arduino connected to the capacitive sensor for further reference. Currently, we are not having the circuit connected with the bolt module.
(Neglect the connection with the LED).


@satyasrinath7 For your case, you could take references from functions of this library https://www.arduino.cc/reference/en/libraries/capacitivesensor/.

Capacitive proximity sensors are non-contact devices that can detect the presence or absence of virtually any object regardless of material. You can find various examples for capacitive sensors here Arduino Playground - CapacitiveSensor.

But what i need for my project is to detect plastic only. And it should separate the it from the rest (Wood, paper etc…).