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Can I use any gpio pins from 0 to 4 for reading Analog values in Bolt IOT. i had to sensor and both reads analog value but there is only one A0 pin bolt. I am writing the program in python for it.

Hi @kkewat91,

When you design any circuit, choose the correct pin based on your requirement. Here are few examples:

  1. If you are connecting an LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) then use the pin A0. This is because LDR is an analogue sensor and A0 is the only pin with an ADC on it.
  2. If you are connecting an LED then use any pin from 0 to 4. All these five pins are Digital I/O (Input and Output) pins. Since LED is an output device you may connect to any of these pins. Keep in mind that you cannot connect it to Pin A0 as it is an analog only pin.
Pin Type Description
A0 Analog Input This pin comes with an ADC (Analouge to Digital Converter).This is the only pin to which we can connect an Analouge sensor.This is an input only pin i.e. it can only collect input. It does not give any output.
0 , 1, 2, 3, 4 Digital I/O (Input and Output) You can only connect a digital sensor to this pin.
3.3V Power pin which gives a value of 3.3 volts.
5V Power pin which gives a value of 5 volts.
GND Ground pin Used to ground and complete any circuit connection.

No, unfortunately the BoltIOT module includes only one A0 pin for reading analog values.

Hi ,@21bce010

The Bolt WiFi module has only one analog pin. If you wish to include more analog sensors and push data to cloud using Bolt WiFi module ,then you may integrate Bolt wifi module with Arduino as it has more analog pins.
Please check the following documentation, it might help you :
Integrating Arduino with Bolt WiFi Module

If you still face any issues, please feel free to get back to us.