Quizizz game unable to play

I cannot play any quiz as it says the game has exceeded the max limit of 25 players


Can you be more specific about which Quiz no. and from which training?

Hi, I am facing the same problem. I have just started with the training (Online Training on Internet of Things and Machine Learning). And when I tried to attempt Quiz 1 and Quiz 2, the quiz host (Quizizz) shows=> “This game has exceeded the 25 player limit”.


Apologies for the inconvenience, we’ll update you soon once the issue is solved. You can continue with your training without attending the quizzes till then.

It will work after some time, till then complete the other sections of the training & learning.

getting error for quiz saying the codes are incorrect

Hello sir,
Any update on the issue?
I am on quiz 5 right now, and now the message has changed to “invalid quiz code”.

(On all the previous quizzes also it’s showing the same message)

@kartikmathur20012942 @meghanaroy333

As I have already mentioned, we’re resolving this issue and will update you in this thread once it is resolved.

Till then you can continue with your training, without necessarily completing the quizzes. You can attempt them later as well.

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