Reading of the LDR in LDR light monitoring system?

Hello Sir,

Sir, I made my first Light Monitoring project and i am getting the readings according to the light conditions. But, I am too much confused about the unit of that reading like i got 1.02 thousand what is the unit of 1.02 thousand or how can I calculate the light falling on LDR. What is that 1.02 thousand, what is its unit. I am confused about it, how can I come to know that how much light is falling or what’s the brightness of the light?

The maximum value that the LDR sensor can detect is 1.02 thousand so,don’t worry since you got the right value and keep going with the modules or try the sensor in darker places

Can you please tell how does this value comes?

That 1.02 thousand is the value of intensity of the light. The LDR is a sensor in which the resistance is inversely proportional to the light falling upon it. More the light falling upon it at that instance lower the resistance of the LDR. Now what happens the resistance tells us the voltage due to it using the formula Voltage = Current multiplied by resistance, V= I x R. I’m assuming that the intensity of light in this scenario is called Lux and it has a specific equation for using voltage. Also the maximum unit of intensity of light it can provide is near to 1000 so 1000 is the highest in my opinion.
Hope this helps.