Reading serial value from sensors

Is there any way to read data from the Ublox neo 6M module directly from the RX and TX pins of the bolt module, instead of using an arduino?

Its not really possible to directly use serial communication and get GPS coordinates. Arduino uses Tiny GPS library, but there is a piece of code used in micropython with Raspberry Pi.

I have successfully interfaced the Bolt module with the GPS module and it is even able to read values through the UART pins. But the problem now is that it is reading only parts of the response. I need to fetch the entire response. How is that possible? @rahul.singh1 could you please help too?

What is the response you received? It contains LAT and LONG? Share the serial monitor response over here.

The ouput from the serial monitor of arduino is something like this. So if I serial read till end of line, I should get an entire line. Instead I am getting parts from each line, that too of unequal lengths. Some are small, some are largeimages

That’s what I told you about. You’re still reading it from Arduino right.

You have to read all the data, and then pick GPRMC dataline, then parse it to receive the information you require. Like lat, long, UTC time, position state.
You require to a carriage return as well as newline feed along with.

Basically, Prepare a program that finds the GPRMC and then parses its data. All of it was done by TinyGPS.
But if you prepare a code for Bolt IoT. Do share with us !

No no. You didn’t get me. I posted the screen shot from the serial monitor. Now suppose the GPMRC line is received by bolt via serialRead, it is only receiving a part of that line and not the whole of it.

What is the value returned when you serialRead(‘10’)?

Do a serialRead(‘42’) as well And check if it read the whole line.