Received the kit ;but status is showing as "order cancelled"

I had cancelled the order,even I got the mail syng order has been cancelled!! But then the order has arrived and hence I received the kit that has been ordered and paid the amount ( cash on delivery).
Now will I able to access the course right!??
But the status is still showing "order cancelled "!

Call the person of bolt iot from the mail which were given by them.Let them know your problem.
hope you finf it useful…

Put an email to mentioning the problem you are facing , your order ID
They will soon contact you and help you in getting your course access code
It helped for me mailing the support while having problem

i cant get my IOT kit in my address, and i cant open the option of ‘track my order’ .

Send an email to about the issue. But I don’t think it is a big issue to stop you from doing the course. Just send the mail and ask them to send the course access code so that you can get started with your Bolt IoT course.

In this Case you must contact them via mail-id ( and tell them in detail about the issue you faced before 7 days from delivery and they will surely contact you and help you out in the case .

Also mention your full name, order-id, Date of delivery, your email-id(conected to bolt cloud) and your phone no.

@varshithav993 We are already in touch regarding the issue that you are facing. Please reply back to the email sent by support and it will be resolved soon.