Regarding bolt Iot kit

hi , I am payed for the bolt Iot kit on 23.07.2003.still now i dont get a any shipping mail regarding that bolt Iot kit .please be give me an update .when the kit is reached me then only i will complete that course .my order ID is ORDER with i have attached the order confirmation screnshot Screenshot_20200723-124201 .thank you .I will waiting for your reply.

Don’t worry about the kit. Kit will be delivered in 8 days. Check ur tracking ID provided in mail. I hope it will be delivered in next 2 days. Don’t worry delivery guy will call you.

thank your sir .I did not get any tracking id sir .only a payment confirmation mail will be received

Hi @karutthappandi, hope you are doing good.Something similar happened to me recently,the shipment is getting delayed because of the current lockdown. I got my kit after almost 20 days. I didn’t get any tracking id too,so just wait for few more days and you will receive your kit asap.
Happy Learning :slight_smile: