Regarding certificate

Will the certificate will provided to all the students participating in this training or their will be any terms and conditions for the certificate…

please reply…

Hi, To Get certificate, first you have to go through all the videos and documents. There will be a Exam, in which you have to score more than 50% of the total marks.
This Exam has,
i) Multiple choice questions which carries 70% weightage,
ii) You have to submit the link of your project that have to make on which carries 22% weightage. The project link is mandatory, but the project video is optional and
iii) Paste two links for questions that YOU have answered on This carries 8% weightage


Hi, To Get certificate, first you have to go through all the videos and documents of the online training. There will be an Exam at the end, in which you have to score more than 50% of the total marks.
This Exam has,

  1. MCQ test- which carries 40% weight
  2. You have to Paste the link for the project that you have made on and any video that you have made for your project on Bolt IoT. The project is mandatory but the video is not.This carries 40% weight.
  3. You have to paste any two links for questions that you have answered on .This carries 20% weight.

In order to get certificate you should get atleast 50%.
the total marks are divided as follows:
40%-projects on
40%-mcq exam
20%-from the questions you answer on

For getting a certificate for this training, you’d have to undergo the following steps:

  1. answer an MCQ test, which tests your understanding of the concepts covered in the training. Weight=40%
  2. Shoot a project video for the final Capstone project or any other IoT project you built using Bolt. In the video, output and working must be clearly visible. Weight=40%
  3. Answer any two questions asked by fellow students on the Bolt forum. And share the links for the same during submission. Weight=20%
    Also, keep the links prepared before you begin the test.

Is completing the Capstone project also compulsory to get the Certification.
As per your point 2, Can I do just another project on and upload it leaving the capstone project?

Any project using Bolt can be video-taped and shared.

@kumar.97 Hi,You need to submit, Capstone project given to you by documenting it on along with the code repository in GitHub to receive the certification. you can improve , the project if you want . but you can not change it.

@kumar.97 You can do any project using the Bolt device, upload it on and share the link with us for the certification exam.
You need not do the Capstone project specifically. Any project utilizing the Bolt will do. Marks are awarded for,

  1. Originality
  2. Concept
  3. Explanation
  4. Video(if any)

After submitting the answers on given mail id when will the certificate will provide?


When did you give your certification exam? Did you miss out and sent the incorrect links during the exam?

Two weeks ago I finished exam but I gave wrong links for two questions ,yesterday I finished the two questions and had sent link to given mail id


In that case, you’ll receive the result and certificate on the next working day, i.e. Monday.