Regarding device name not showing but green light blinks

when i connected to android mobile app i followed the instructions and while connecting to the wifi both blue and green light started to blink , later it said trouble shoot ,i followed tp trouble shoot and now device name is not showing


The LEDs are a helpful way for us to know the state of our Bolt WiFi Module.

  • Blue LED blinking slow indicates that the Bolt is not connected to WiFi and transmitting a hotspot.
  • Blue LED blinking fast indicates that Bolt is transmitting a hotspot and a smartphone is connected to that hotspot.
  • Blue LED glowing stable indicates that Bolt is connected to WiFi.
  • Green LED glowing indicates that the Bolt is connected to the Internet.

Let me know the current status of the LED’s on your Bolt Wifi Module when you POWER ON your Device.

still device name is not shown but green light started to blink

Hi @b.s.govinddarajan.20,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
This issue is because you might have not done the complete Wifi setup for the device using your phone.
During the Wifi Setup in the Last Step you will have to click in Verify Wifi Setup button where your device gets linked to your mail ID, you might have missed out on that step.
Can you please share your Device ID and Email ID to which your device is to be linked so that we can do it from our end and the device will then be visible on the dashboard.

sorry for my late reply ,
here is my mail ID
device ID (IMEI) 865895049513671

Hi @b.s.govinddarajan.20,
I see that you have not provided a vaild Device ID of your Bolt Wifi Module,
When you were trying to do the Wifi Setup, You had clicked on Open Wifi Settings and tried to connect the Bolt prefixed network right.
That is the Bolt Device ID which is required for us to link it to your account.
If you had not noted down that Device ID then you follow these steps:

  1. Turn OFF the WiFi Router to which the device is connected to
  2. Now Power ON the Bolt Wifi Module using a USB Cable.
  3. You will see that the Blue LED will be stable/Blinking Slowly on the Wifi Module indicating that it is generating its own hotspot.
  4. Now turn ON the Wifi of your phone and see for the network with BOLT Prefix among the list of networks on your phone.

The BOLT Prefixed network name is the Device ID.
Once you get the Device ID you may share it with me so that I can link it to your Email ID