Regarding hotspot change to the wifi module

How can I change the hotspot access ,which I given 1st time to the wifi module???

try setting up device again in bolt app, by tapping add new device.
if this not work properly, then clear all data of bolt app in setting, and also saved wifi password by the app in wifi saved networks. after clearing this, repeat with setting up device again.

Even not working.

it means that wifi is connected but the cloud is not connected…So to connect to cloud follow the given steps: on add device
2.follow the instruction and then connect to available hotspot and then turn on the mobile data and if get failed then it can be the issue of internet speed

@ritikjack0207 You can click on the Info button on the home page on
Over there you will find an option to disconnect the Bolt from the current network. Once that is done, you can do the setup again and it will connect to the new WiFi network.

for connection your bolt module to cloud you have to properly get the instruction of add device in bolt app. if you are getting problem in connecting your bolt with cloud then keep the location of mobile accurate and it will be connected.if you face wifi hotspot issue then from one phone you give internet connectivity and on another phone install bolt app and connect it with the same network which your are connected via hotspot and repeat the process of add device it will definately connect i two get the same problem in begning.

Thanks guys for helping me .
Finally I get rid of this problem,Ifound it’s solution.