Regarding LM35 sensor

In the beginning of the tutorial it was told that LM35 is an input device and we need to select the product type as input on bolt cloud while configuring it. But why in the project under Prediction section it is mentioned to select the product type as output for the LM35 Sensor?

LM35 is an input device as the voltage across it is directly dependent on the input applied to it, i.e., Temperature (greater the temperature around it, greater the voltage across LM35). The reason why we use it as an ‘output device’ in the prediction section is to take it’s output voltage in order to predict the subsequent temperatures here (the output voltage of LM35 acts as an input here)

Got it.Thanks for your help.

It has been taken as output device so as to predict the upcoming values of temperature using the Lm35 temperature sensor while this wasn’t the case earlier.
I hope i am clear!