Regarding the certification

How I paste the project for certification
what is mean by paste
Should I make the project than upload it on Google Drive and paste the link…

Yes you are right ,just before uploading link ensure that share link option is enabled

@aditya343117 You can create a project on and paste the project link on the browser in the exam when asked for it.
Make sure before sharing the link, the project is visible to all and published.

As part of the certification exam, you will be required to create a project using the Bolt module on and copy the link so that you can submit the link when asked in the exam. Also you need to answer any two forum questions from and paste its link when asked in the exam.

Firstly, Glad that you asked a question.

Answer: Firstly, you will have to create a project on which includes the usage of
your Bolt Module
. Projects which do not make use of the Bolt module will not be awarded any marks. You can use other board along with the Bolt module such as Bolt + Arduino, Bolt + Raspberry Pi .

Paste refers to getting the the link of your project from hackster and pasting it in the slot thats available during the final certification exam.

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