Regarding whether the bolt wifi module usb connection to MacBook air

Hello Sir,

I was trying to connect the bot wifi module to the macbook air. The led of device is turned on as both green and blue but I am unable to figure out whether it is deteced or not. Please guide if it is possible to make my wifi module as a USB wifi adaptor?

when both the blue and green light is constant on state then your Bolt WiFi module is fully setup. But if any how some confusion is there then kindly send me the screenshots of the procedure which you have done so that I can help you out.

@vaman040697 In the Bolt module, there are 2 LEDs. Blue and green. If the blue light is on, then the module is switched on and is recieving power. And the green LED indicates if the module is connected to a wifi and has internet. In your case the module is working fine.
You can also read the docs. -->Link

The USB of the bolt wifi module is used only to power the device, it cannot transfer any data . All the data transmission is done through bolt cloud. That’s why its not detected as a device on your macbook.

TLDR: Bolt wifi module cannot be used as a USB wifi adaptor.
Hope this helps :slight_smile: .